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Six Foot Mud Kitchen


Our 6 foot mud kitchen offers plenty of space for outdoor exploration and sensory play opportunities .  3 sinks can be added or leave extra workbench space in the center by opting for 2 sinks. Play windows can be added for $100 each and offer additional creative play opportunities with a small shelf for restaurant play and hooks for hanging chalkboards/menus : ) on the back as well as the front.

Chalkboards, chalk, wooden spoons and slotted metal spoons come complimentary with all our mud kitchens! Looking for even more mud kitchen fun? Add hand operated water pumps or full running water faucets for $75/each. See pictures below for details.

Price: Starting at $650


Pick up in Pelham NH or individual rate delivery in New England. Cedar wood option is shippable throughout the US.


6' L x 26" W x 43" H - Workbench set at 22 inches - height can be added to this size upon request.


The following is a summary of options for a Six Foot Mud Kitchen.

  • Wood: Pressure treated lumber - $650, Cedar - $900
  • Backboard: Solid, Shelf - $100
  • Windows: Play Window - $100 each
  • Water: Hand operated water pump - $75 each, Running water faucet - $75 each
  • Sealant: Stain - $100, Water Seal - $100
  • Tree Stumps: Tree Stumps - $12 each

Contact us to purchase and further discuss customization!


Pressure treated lumber









Play Window

$100 each


Multiple faucets can be added. You will need a ‘splitter’, found at any hardware store. You can add up to 3 sinks. *Water options are accessories. We guarantee our building but not accessories since we do not manufacture those ourselves. We recommend removing water pumps before the start of freezing temperatures then re-installing after the last freeze in spring. Water pumps are for use with water only. Mud and rocks in the bucket of water will clog your pump.

Hand operated water pump

Hand operated pumps with with plastic tubing that sits in a bucket of water under the workbench

$75 each

Running water faucet

Full running water! Garden hose and spigot required. Multiple faucets can be added with a splitter found at any hardware store.

$75 each


Both Stain and Water Seal offer additional protection from the elements. Seal is clear, stain is a warm light brown


Changes the color


Water Seal

Clear coating


Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps

$12 each


How to Purchase!

We love working with directly our customers!  Contact us today and we will discuss what products will work best for your children and available customization.