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Acrylic Easels


Our oversized framed acrylic easels are 4 ft x4ft! A shelf for holding paints and brushes is set at 12 inches off the ground. $75 for staining or water sealing. This must be done on this item but can be done by you at home. Paper Hooks and Clips are $25.

Price: $400


The following is a summary of options for a Acrylic Easels.

  • Sealant: Stain - $75, Water Seal - $75
  • Paper Hooks and Clips: Hooks and Clips - $25
  • Tree Stumps: Tree Stumps - $12 each

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Both Stain and Water Seal offer additional protection from the elements. Seal is clear, stain is a warm light brown



Water Seal


Paper Hooks and Clips

Hooks and Clips


Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps

$12 each


How to Purchase!

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