Earth Craft Creations
Handcrafted Sensory Play Stations

Benefits of our Products

Our products are thoughtfully created with your child’s development and enjoyment in mind. Earth Craft Creations encourages creative, hands-on exploration and learning through sensory play. Beyond being incredibly fun for children of all ages, sensory play is multi-beneficial to many areas of child development.

Fine and gross motor skills are engaged and strengthened through mixing, squishing, spreading, sorting, painting, picking up, arranging  with mud, paint, foam and any variety of natural loose parts materials that you and your child choose.

Communication and social skills are engaged as children work together on a creative masterpiece, run a mud pie bakery or engage their senses in hands on play. Whether the children are practicing cooperative play or parallel play our materials help create an environment perfect for activities that nurture these skills.

The opportunities for open ended creative sensory experiences fostered by our materials encourage the development of critical thinking, reasoning, relaxation and self regulation.